Real Estate Mastermind Network is an Exclusive Facebook Group and Mastermind of Growth-Minded Real Estate Professionals Looking to Scale Their Businesses. We are Investors, Contractors, and Broker/Agents.





Tarry Summers and I, Brandon Virgallito, are each active real estate investors and agents in Ohio.

Both of us started out of college in the corporate world but needed something more. We were sick of the 9-5 and office politics. We both hated taking orders from other people.Tarry took the leap early and I followed suite in late 2015.

Tarry has been grinding since 2010 and I, since 2015. After several conversations about grinding out a small living despite creating large portfolios with large monthly revenues we made a conscious decision to start working on our business instead of inside our businesses.

We formed Real Estate Mastermind Network in 2018 with a simple goal, to connect other investors, broker/agents, and contractors together to form an accountability group that will keep owners focused on working on their business rather than in their business.

See after we both had been influenced by several books such as the “E-Myth” and “Profit First” we started to realize that one thing that always got in our way was… ourselves.

Previously we would make excuses when we met up and discussed our businesses with each other every few months.

…We didn’t have the time to interview a handyman or rental manager.

…We didn’t have the cash flow to hire a bookkeeper

…We’d spend hours doing things ourselves because we didn’t trust anyone else to do the work.

Taking what we learned from countless hours of audio books and taco fueled conversations we decided we needed to form an accountability group aka a mastermind to keep each other and other people we knew on track.

Thus Real Estate Mastermind Network was formed, and we began having weekly roundtable meetings with close contacts and friends in the real estate industry.

Now we are expanding to a free exclusive Facebook Group and a paid weekly roundtable mastermind.

If you’re stuck in same routine, growing slower than you expect, or worst growing without paying yourself more or improving your lifestyle consider joining the group.

It’s by application only, we like to ensure that we have active investors, contractors and broker/agents in the group that are out there “doing it.”

If you’re thinking about getting started, this group isn’t for you, if you’re just getting started, you’re welcome to apply below.



Co-Founder of Real Estate Mastermind Network and CEO of KP Real Estate Group, LLC



Co-Founder of Real Estate Mastermind Network and Co-Owner of VSF Holdings Ltd.


The Real Estate Mastermind Network (RMN) will give you weekly content from active investors, contractors, and agents delivered in our exclusive Facebook Group.

This isn’t going to to be fluff content, it’ll be actionable lessons learned from people out there putting their own reputations and money on the line.

We’ll share wins, losses, and best practices multiple times a week.

As you know, real estate education can be expensive.

There are hundreds of things that can go wrong and our industry is expensive to operate in.

Whether it’s a failed flip, bad tenants, budget overruns or errors and omissions – mistakes are costly in real estate and we aim to shorten your learning curve with the help of this group.


If you are ready for the next step and want to put what you are learning the group into action or be held accountable we offer a weekly roundtable mastermind for a fee.

Why isn’t it free? Because something that’s free has no value.

We are all professionals growing our businesses and working many hours a week – in short we want other professionals who value their time and money.

As soon as you pay for something you take it more seriously.

So yes, this will cost some money but the ROI will be many multiples higher and you can cancel at any time.

You’ll get a deep understanding of other people’s industries, their businesses, what works and what doesn’t.

If the Mastermind sounds like the appropriate next step for you click below to apply.


Why You Need to Join Real Estate Mastermind Network

It goes without saying that you’re grinding out a living growing your business while you watch the highlight reel that is your friend’s lives on Facebook and Instagram Feeds.

You might not feel as successful as your friends and family tell you you are.

You might be doubting why you left that corporate job… or why you didn’t go to college.

Asking yourself why you haven’t had a vacation since your honeymoon.

Why you’re driving the same care or living in the same house despite “all this success.”

Look, if you like your life, that’s great – but all owners eventually have these thoughts and doubts about themselves and their businesses.

You need a community of like minded individuals who “get it.”

That’s the Real Estate Mastermind Network…

Come join a group of professionals that live in reality, sure we still do some braindead scrolling but we have a high bullshit filter.

In the Facebook Group we’ll help you identify what your biggest challenges and opportunities are so you start to feel like the success everyone paints you to be.

Again, it’s free to join and hope you do, just click below if you want to get to know a group of A-players changing their business, lives and the real estate industry.



I totally appreciate Tarry for his investing insight and teaching me what it means to be a true entrepreneur. I learnt that hardwork in the right direction payoff with mega profits.

Tarry told me one-day that I should get my private money together to grow my portfolio, and I did. Shortly afterwards, my real estate business increased and it gave me more confidence to do more deals.

I was able to add a clean $23,918 to my bottom-line within one-year. As time goes, I know and anticipate that number to increase. Thank you for being a great resource. It truly helped.

Fred Brown

Investment Property Consultant, Infinite Wealth Builders

When my brother and I took the leap into real estate investing a year ago Tarry and Brandon were able to help shorten our learning curve dramatically.

We were spending a lot of time reading about conflicting strategies and opinions so we decided to get in the fast lane and speak directly to people living it day in a day out.

These guys helped me understand what’s important about financing, how to analyze a deal, and more importantly, brought focus to our strategy so we could jump in with both feet.

Lenny Trusnik

National Account Manager, Insight Global

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